The most effective and affordable way to advertise your brand or business. 

For a brand name to become popular and well known, people need to see it often. What better way to present people with your company image, than by placing your logo and slogan on a car? People everywhere will be able to see it from those living in suburban neighbourhoods to those working in the town.

Stickr vehicle branding is a small based Cape Town business with big ideas. We started in 2010 specializing in the detailed art of vehicle branding and have been growing ever since. There are currently thousands of vehicles around Cape Town and South Africa successfully branded by our team. 

How long will the branding last?

Branding can last between 3 to 6 years on the vehicle depending on conditions, care and overall treatment. At Stickr, we use the very best  products and outdoor media for a lasting result. 

How much does it cost?

Every project has its own set of variables. Pricing is directly linked with coverage, vehicle style and types of vinyl used. All pricing on website are guidelines. We believe that branding should be affordable.

What is your turn around time?

We need at least 5 working days for preproduction, then after we can schedule the installation. You can either bring the vehicle to us or we can install on site within a 30 km radius at no extra charge.

Im interested how do i proceed?

Email us a detailed brief with your logo and description of your vehicle e.g.( Volkswagen, Polo Vivo, 2017 Colour white) and we will respond  imediatly.
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